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SEO 网站健康检查报告

当你购买本公司的 SEO 网站健康检查报告时,请根据报告中 Errors、Warnings 与 Info 逐一修正,尤其是 Errors 与 Warnings 是一定要修正,否则会严重影响 SEO 排名。

若你已经有网站或正在请他人帮你制作网站,请利用 SEO 健检报告了解你的网站是否健康,健康的网站在 SEO 自然排名上会取得优势,病入膏盲的网站无论你花多少钱投放关键字广告都是无意义的。


Resources with 4xx status code / 具有 4xx 状态代码的资源

4xx errors often point to a problem on a website. For example, if you have a broken link on a page, and visitors click it, they may see a 4xx error. It's important to regularly monitor and fix these errors, because they may have negative impact and lower your site's authority in users' eyes.
4xx 错误经常指向网站上的问题。例如,如果您在网页上有一个损坏的链接,并且访问者点击它,他们可能会看到一个 4xx 错误。定期监控和修复这些错误很重要,因为它们可能会对用户造成负面影响,并降低您网站的权限。

Resources with 5xx status code / 具有 5xx 状态代码的资源

5xx error messages are sent when the server has a problem or error. It's important to regularly monitor these errors and investigate their causes, because they may have negative impact and lower the site's authority in search engines' eyes.
当服务器出现问题或错误时,将发送 5xx 错误消息。定期监控这些错误并调查其原因很重要,因为它们可能会对搜索引擎的眼睛生成负面影响并降低网站的权限。

404 page set up correctly / 404 页面正确设置

A custom 404 error page can help you keep users on the website. In a perfect world, it should inform users that the page they are looking for doesn't exist,and feature such elements as your HTML sitemap, the navigation bar and a search field. But more importantly, a 404 error page should return the 404 response code. This may sound obvious, but unfortunately it's rarely so.

According to Google Search Console: "Returning a code other than 404 or 410 for a non-existent page... can be problematic. Firstly, it tells search engines that there's a real page at that URL. As a result, that URL may be crawled and its content indexed. Because of the time Googlebot spends on non-existent pages, your unique URLs may not be discovered as quickly or visited as frequently and your site's crawl coverage may be impacted. We recommend that you always return a 404 (Not found) or a 410 (Gone) response code in response to a request for a non-existing page."

自定义 404 错误页可帮助您将用户置于网站上。在完美的世界中,它应该通知用户他们正在寻找的页面不存在,并且包含诸如 HTML 网站地图,导航栏和搜索字段等元素。但更重要的是,404 错误页面应该返回 404 响应代码。这听起来很明显,但不幸的是很少这样。

根据 Google Search Console:“为不存在的网页返回 404 或 410 之外的代码可能有问题,首先,它告诉搜索引擎在该网址上有一个真实网页,因此该网址可能 由于 Googlebot 在不存在的网页上使用的时间,您的唯一网址可能无法被快速发现或频繁访问,并且您的网站的抓取复盖率可能会受到影响。我们建议您始终返回 404(未找到)或响应於对不存在的页面的请求的 410(去)响应代码。”

robots.txt file / robots.txt文档

The robots.txt file is automatically crawled by robots when they arrive at your website. This file should contain commands for robots, such as which pages should or should not be indexed. If you want to disallow indexing of some content (for example, pages with private or duplicate content), just use an appropriate rule in the robots.txt file. For more information on such rules, check out

Please note that commands placed in the robots.txt file are more like suggestions rather than absolute rules for robots to follow. There's no guarantee that some robot will not check the content that you have disallowed.

当 robots.txt 文档到达您的网站时,系统会自动抓取 robots.txt 文档。此文档应包含用于机器人的命令,例如哪些页面应该或不应编制索引。如果您不想对某些内容(例如,包含私人或重复内容的网页)创建索引,只需在 robots.txt 文档中使用相应的槼则即可。有关此类槼则的详细信息,请访问。

请注意,放置在 robots.txt 文档中的命令更象是建议,而不是机器人遵循的绝对槼则。不能保证一些机器人不会检查您已禁止的内容。

.xml sitemap

An XML sitemap should contain all of the website pages that you want to be indexed, and should be located on the website one directory structure away from the homepage (ex. In general, it serves to aid indexing. You should update it each time you add new pages to your website. Besides, the sitemap should follow particular syntax.

The sitemap allows you to set the priority of each page, telling search engines which pages they are supposed to crawl more often (i.e. they are more frequently updated). Learn how to create an .xml sitemap at

XML 站点地图应包含您要索引的所有网站页面,并且应位于网站上远离首页的目录结构(例如。通常,它用于辅助索引。每次向您的网站添加新页面时,都应该更新它。此外,网站地图应该遵循特定的语法。

网站地图允许您设置每个网页的优先级,告诉搜索引擎他们应该更频繁地抓取哪些网页(即更频繁地更新)。了解如何在 创建 .xml 站点地图。

Resources restricted from indexing / 资源受限于索引

A resource can be restricted from indexing in several ways:
  • in the robots.txt file;
  • by Noindex X-Robots tag;
  • by Noindex Meta tag.

Each of these is a line of HTML code that says how crawlers should handle certain resources on the site. Specifically, the tag tells crawlers if they are not allowed to index the page or resource, follow its links, and/or archive its contents. So make sure that all your unique and useful content is available for indexing.

  • 在 robots.txt 文档中
  • 由 Noindex X-Robots 标记
  • 由 Noindex 元标签

每一个都是一行 HTML 代码,说明抓取工具应该如何处理网站上的某些资源。具体来说,标记会告知抓取工具是否不允许对网页或资源编制索引,关注其链接和/或存盘其内容。因此,请确保您的所有唯一和有用的内容可用于索引。

Fixed www and non-www versions / 固定的 www 和非 www 版本

Usually websites are available with and without "www" in the domain name. Merging both URLs will help you prevent search engines from indexing two versions of a website.

Although the indexing of both versions won't cause a penalty, setting one of them as a priority is a best practice, in part because it helps funnel the SEO value from links to one common version. You can look up or change your current primary version in the .htaccess file. Also, it is recommended to set the preferred domain in Google Search Console.


虽然两个版本的索引不会造成损失,但将其中一个设置为优先级是一种最佳做法,部分是因为它有助于将 SEO 值从链接转移到一个常见版本。您可以在 .htaccess 文档中查找或更改当前的主版本。此外,建议您在 Google Search Console 中设置首选域。

Issues with HTTP/HTTPS site versions / HTTP/HTTPS 网站版本问题

Using secure encryption is highly recommended for many websites (for instance, those taking transactions and collecting sensitive user information.) However, in many cases, webmasters face technical issues when installing SSL certificates and setting up the HTTP/HTTPS versions of the website.

In case you're using an invalid SSL certificate (ex. untrusted or expired one), most Web browsers will prevent users from visiting your site by showing them an "insecure connection" notification.

If the HTTP and HTTPS versions of your website are not set properly, both of them can get indexed by search engines and cause duplicate content issues that may undermine your website rankings.

强烈建议对许多网站(例如,进行事务和收集敏感用户信息的网站)使用安全加密。但是,在许多情况下,在安装 SSL 证书和设置网站的 HTTP / HTTPS 版本时,网站管理员面临技术问题。

如果您使用的 SSL 证书无效(即不受信任或已过期),则大多数网络浏览器都会阻止用户通过向其显示“不安全的连接”通知来访问您的网站。


Pages with 302 redirect / 包含302重定向的网页

302 redirects are temporary, so they don't pass any link juice. If you use them instead of 301s, search engines may continue to index the old URLs, and disregard the new ones as duplicates. Or they may divide the link popularity between the two versions, thus hurting search rankings. That's why it is not recommended to use 302 redirects if you are permanently moving a page or a website. Stick to a 301 redirect instead to preserve link juice and avoid duplicate content issues.
302 重定向是临时的,因此它们不会传递任何链接汁。如果您使用它们而不是 301,搜索引擎可能会继续索引旧网址,并将新网址忽略为重复网址。或者它们可以在两个版本之间划分链接流行度,从而损害搜索排名。这就是为什麽不推荐使用 302 重定向,如果你是永久移动页面或网站。坚持 301 重定向,以保留链接汁,并避免重复内容问题。

Pages with 301 redirect / 包含301重定向的网页

301 redirects are permanent and are usually used to solve problems with duplicate content or to redirect certain URLs that are no longer necessary. The use of 301 redirects is absolutely legitimate, and it's good for SEO because a 301 redirect will funnel link juice from the old page to the new one. Just make sure you redirect old URLs to the most relevant pages.
301 重定向是永久的,通常用于解决重复内容的问题或重定向不再需要的某些网址。使用 301 重定向是绝对合法的,并且它对于 SEO 是好的,因为 301 重定向将漏斗从旧页面的链接果汁到新的。只需确保您将旧网址重定向到最相关的网页。

Pages with long redirect chains / 包含重定向链的网页

In certain cases, either due to bad .htaccess file setup or due to some deliberately taken measures, a page may end up with having two or more redirects. It is strongly recommended to avoid such redirect chains longer than 2 redirects since they may be the reason of multiple issues:
  • There is a high risk that a page will not be indexed as Google bots do not follow more than 5 redirects.
  • Too many redirects will slow down your page speed. Every new redirect may add up to several seconds to the page load time.
  • High bounce rate: users are not willing to stay on a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load.
在某些情况下,由于错误的 .htaccess 文档设置或由于某些故意采取的措施,页面可能最终具有两个或更多重定向。强烈建议避免这种重定向链长度超过 2 个重定向,因为它们可能是多个问题的原因:
  • 由于 Google 漫游器没有超过 5 个重定向,因此网页不会被编入索引的风险很高。
  • 太多重定向会减慢您的网页速度。每个新的重定向可能会在页面加载时间上增加几秒钟。
  • 跳出率偏高:用户不愿意停留在加载时间超过 3 秒的网页上。

Pages with meta refresh / 元刷新页面

Basically, Meta refresh may be seen as a violation of Google's Quality Guidelines and therefore is not recommended from the SEO point of view. As one of Google's representatives points out: "In general, we recommend not using meta-refresh type redirects, as this can cause confusion with users (and search engine crawlers, who might mistake that for an attempted redirect)... This is currently not causing any problems with regards to crawling, indexing, or ranking, but it would still be a good idea to remove that." So stick to the permanent 301 redirect instead.
基本上,元刷新可能被视为违反 Google 的质量指南,因此不推荐从 SEO 的角度。正如 Google 的代表指出:“一般来说,我们建议不要使用元刷新类型重定向,因为这可能会导致用户(和搜索引擎抓取工具,可能会误认为尝试重定向)混肴...这是当前不会对抓取,索引或排名造成任何问题,但删除它仍然是一个好主意。”所以坚持永久 301 重定向。

Pages with rel="canonical" / rel =“canonical”的网页

In most cases duplicate URLs are handled via 301 redirects. However sometimes, for example when the same product appears in two categories with two different URLs and both need to be live, you can specify which page should be considered a priority with the help of rel="canonical" tags. It should be correctly implemented within the <head> tag of the page and point to the main page version that you want to rank in search engines. Alternatively, if you can configure your server, you can indicate the canonical URL using rel="canonical" HTTP headers.
在大多数情况下,通过 301 重定向来处理重复的网址。但是,有时候,例如,当同一产品出现在两个具有两个不同网址的类别中,并且都需要实时展示时,您可以通过 rel="canonical" 标记来指定哪个网页应被视为优先级。它应该在 <head> 标记,并指向您要在搜索引擎中排名的主页版本。或者,如果您可以配置服务器,则可以使用 rel="canonical" HTTP 标头来指示规范网址。

Pages with multiple canonical URLs / 具有多个规范网址的网页

Having multiple canonical URLs specified for a page happens frequently in conjunction with SEO plugins that often insert a default rel="canonical" link, possibly unknown to the webmaster who installed the plugin. Double-checking the page's source code and your server's rel="canonical" HTTP headers configurations will help correct the issue.

In case of multiple rel="canonical" declarations, Google will likely ignore all the rel=canonical hints, so your effort to avoid duplicate content issues may go useless.

为网页指定多个规范网址时经常会与 SEO 插件结合使用,这些插件通常会插入默认的 rel="canonical" 链接,安装插件的网站管理员可能不知道。仔细检查网页的源代码和服务器的 rel="canonical" HTTP 标头配置,有助于解决问题。

在多个 rel="canonical" 声明的情况下,Google 可能会忽略所有 rel="canonical" 提示,因此您避免重复内容问题的努力可能没有用。

Mobile friendly / 移动友好

According to Google, the mobile-friendly algorithm affects mobile searches in all languages worldwide and has a significant impact in Google's search results. This algorithm works on a page-by-page basis - it is not about how mobile-friendly your pages are, it is simply are you mobile-friendly or not. The algo is based on such criteria as small font sizes, tap targets/links, readable content, your viewpoint, etc.
Google 认为,移动设备适用的算法会影响全球所有语言的移动搜索,并对 Google 的搜索结果生成重大影响。此算法是逐页操作的 - 它不是关于您的网页如何适合移动设备,它只是为了移动设备是否友好。算法是基于这样的标准,如小字体大小,点击目标/链接,可读内容,你的观点等。

Pages with Frames / 带有框架的页面

Frames allow displaying more than one HTML document in the same browser window. As a result, text and hyperlinks (the most important signals for search engines) appear missing from such documents. If you use Frames, search engines will fail to properly index your valuable content.
框架允许在同一浏览器窗口中显示多个 HTML 文档。因此,文本和超链接(搜索引擎的最重要的信号)从这些文档中显示为缺失。如果使用框架,搜索引擎将无法正确索引您的有价值的内容。

Pages with W3C HTML errors and warnings / 带有W3C HTML错误和警告的页面

The validation is usually performed via the W3C Markup Validation Service. And although compliance with W3C standards is not obligatory and will not have direct SEO effect, bad code may be the cause of Google not indexing your important content properly. It's recommended fix your pages' broken code to avoid issues with search engine spiders.
验证通常通过 W3C 标记验证服务进行。虽然遵守 W3C 标准不是强制性的,并且不会有直接的 SEO 效果,但是错误的代码可能是 Google 没有正确地索引您的重要内容的原因。建议您修复网页的破损代码,以避免搜索引擎蜘蛛的问题。

Pages with W3C CSS errors and warnings / 含 W3C CSS 错误和警告的页面

Some pages on your site have errors in CSS markup. Please, analyze the CSS issues on the page and fix the most critical ones.

The validation is usually performed via the W3C Markup Validation Service (W3C stands for World Wide Web Consortium).

CSS styles are used to control the design and formatting of the page, and to separate styles from the structure, which ultimately makes the page load faster.

Errors in CSS may be not that important to search engines, but they can lead to your page being incorrectly displayed to visitors, which, in turn, may affect your conversion and bounce rates. So, make sure the page is displayed as intended across all browsers (including mobile ones) important to you.

您网站上的某些网页在 CSS 标记中有错误。请分析页面上的 CSS 问题,并修复最关键的问题。

验证通常通过 W3C 标记验证服务(W3C 代表万维网联盟)运行。

CSS 样式用于控制页面的设计和格式,以及从结构中分离样式,这最终使页面加载更快。

CSS 中的错误可能对搜索引擎来说不那麽重要,但它们可能会导致您的网页向访问者显示不正确,从而可能会影响您的转化率和跳出率。因此,请确保该网页在所有对您重要的浏览器(包括移动设备)上按预期显示。

Dofollow external links / Dofollow 外部链接

Simply speaking, dofollow links are links missing the rel="nofollow" attribute. Such links are followed by search engines and pass PageRank (please note that links can also be restricted from following in bulk via the nofollow <meta> tag).

While there is nothing wrong with linking to other sites via dofollow links, if you link extensively to irrelevant or low-quality sites, search engines may conclude your site sells links or participates in other link schemes, and it can get penalized.

简单来说,dofollow 链接是缺少 rel ="nofollow" 属性的链接。此类链接之后是搜索引擎并传递 PageRank(请注意,链接也可以通过 nofollow< meta> 标记批量限制)。


Broken images / 图片损坏

While broken images on the website don't influence its search engine rankings directly, they definitely deserve being fixed for two reasons.

First and foremost, broken images are a crucial factor for user experience and may result in visitors bouncing away from the site without completing their goals.

And second, missing images may impede the site's crawling and indexation, wasting its crawl budget and making it hard for search engine bots to crawl some of the site's important content.




Empty alt text / 空的alt文本

While search engines can't read text off images, alt attributes (also known as "alternative attributes") help the former understand what your images portray.

The best practice is to create an alt text for each image, using your keywords in it when possible to help search engines better understand your pages' content and hopefully rank your site higher in search results.

虽然搜索引擎无法读取图片上的文本,但 alt 属性(也称为“替代属性”)可帮助前者了解您的图片。


Too big pages 太大的页面

Naturally, there's a direct correlation between the size of the page and its loading speed, which, in turn, is one of the numerous ranking factors. Basically, heavy pages load longer. That's why the general rule of thumb is to keep your page size up to 3MB. Of course, it's not always possible. For example, if you have an e-commerce website with a large number of images, you can push this up to more MBs, but this can significantly impact page loading time for users with a slow connection speed.
自然地,页面的大小和其加载速度之间存在直接的相关性,而这又是众多排序因素之一。基本上,重页面加载更长。这就是为什麽一般的经验法则是保持您的页面大小高达 3MB。当然,这并不总是可能的。例如,如果您有一个包含大量图片的电子商务网站,您可以将其推送到更多的 MB,但这可能会对连接速度较慢的用户影响网页加载时间。

Dynamic URLs 动态网址

URLs that contain dynamic characters like "?", "_" and parameters are not user-friendly because they are not descriptive and are harder to memorize. To increase your pages' chances to rank, it's best to setup URLs so that they would be descriptive and include keywords, not numbers or parameters. As Google Webmaster Guidelines state, "URLs should be clean coded for best practice, and not contain dynamic characters."
包含动态字符(如“?”、“_”和参数)的 URL 不是用户友好的,因为它们不是描述性的,并且难以记住。要提高网页排名的机会,最好设置网址,使其具有描述性,并包含关键字,而不是数字或参数。根据 Google 网站管理员指南的槼定,“网址应根据最佳做法进行干净编码,且不包含动态字符。”

Too long URLs / 网址过长

URLs shorter than 115 characters are easier to read by end users and search engines, and will work to keep the website user-friendly.
长度小于 115 个字符的 URL 最终用户和搜索引擎更容易阅读,并将努力保持网站的用户友好性。

Broken links / 断开的链接

Broken outgoing links can be a bad quality signal to search engines and users. If a site has many broken links, they conclude that it has not been updated for some time. As a result, the site's rankings may be downgraded.

Although 1-2 broken links won't cause a Google penalty, try to regularly check your website, fix broken links (if any), and make sure their number doesn't go up. Besides, users will like your website more if it doesn't show them broken links pointing to non-existing pages.


虽然 1-2 次断开的链接不会导致 Google 处罚,请尝试定期检查您的网站,修复中断的链接(如果有),并确保他们的数字不上升。此外,如果没有显示指向不存在的网页的链接,用户将更喜欢您的网站。

Pages with excessive number of links / 含有过多链接的页面

According to Matt Cutts (former head of Google's Webspam team), "...there's still a good reason to recommend keeping to under a hundred links or so: the user experience. If you're showing well over 100 links per page, you could be overwhelming your users and giving them a bad experience. A page might look good to you until you put on your "user hat" and see what it looks like to a new visitor." Although Google keeps talking about users experience, too many links on a page can also hurt your rankings. So the rule is simple: the fewer links on a page, the fewer problems with its rankings. So try to stick to the best practices and keep the number of outgoing links (internal and external) up to 100.
根据 Matt Cutts(Google Webspam 团队的前主管),“...仍然有一个很好的理由推荐保持在百个链接以下:用户体验。如果你每页显示超过 100 个链接,你可能会压倒你的用户,给他们一个坏的经验。一个页面可能看起来很好,直到你戴上你的“用户帽子”,看看它是什麽样的新访客。”尽管 Google 一直在谈论用户体验,但网页上的链接过多也会影响您的排名。所以槼则很简单:页面上的链接越少,其排名的问题就越少。因此,尽量坚持最佳做法,并保持外部链接(内部和外部)的数量高达 100。

Empty title tags / 无撰写标题标记

If a page doesn't have a title, or the title tag is empty (i.e. it just looks like this in the code: <title> </title> ), Google and other search engines will decide for themselves which text to show as your page title in their SERP snippets. Thus, you'll have no control what people see on Google when they find your page.

Therefore, every time you are creating a webpage, don't forget to add a meaningful title that would also be attractive to users.

如果网页没有标题,或标题标记为空(即它在代码中看起来象这样:<title> </title>),Google 和其他搜索引擎会自己决定哪些文本 在其 SERP 片段中显示为您的页面标题。因此,当用户找到您的信息页时,您无法控制他们在 Google 上看到的内容。


Duplicate titles / 重复标题

A page title is often treated as the most important on-page element. It is a strong relevancy signal for search engines, because it tells them what the page is really about. It is, of course, important that title includes your most relevant keyword. But more to that, every page should have a unique title to ensure that search engines have no trouble in determining which of the website pages is relevant for a query. Pages with duplicate titles have fewer chances to rank high. Even more, if your site has pages with duplicate titles, this may negatively influence other pages' rankings, too.

Too long titles / 标题太长

Every page should have a unique, keyword-rich title. At the same time, you should try to keep title tags concise. Titles that are longer than 55 characters get truncated by search engines and will look unappealing in search results. Even if your pages rank on page 1 in search engines, yet their titles are shortened or incomplete, they won't attract as many clicks as they would have driven otherwise.
每个网页都应该有一个独特的关键字丰富的标题。同时,你应该尽量保持标题标签简洁。长度超过 55 个字符的标题将被搜索引擎截断,并且在搜索结果中看起来没有吸引力。即使您的网页在搜索引擎中排名第一,但其标题缩短或不完整,它们也不会吸引那麽多点击次数。

Empty meta description / 无撰写元描述

Although meta descriptions don't have direct influence on rankings, they are still important while they form the snippet people see in search results. Therefore, it should "sell" the webpage to the searcher and encourage them to click through.

If the meta description is empty, search engines will decide for themselves what to include into a snippet.



Duplicate meta descriptions / 重复元描述

According to Matt Cutts, it is better to have unique meta descriptions and even no meta descriptions at all, than to show duplicate meta descriptions across your pages. Hence, make sure that your top-important pages have unique and optimized descriptions.
根据 Matt Cutts 的说明,最好有独特的元描述,甚至没有元描述,而不是跨页面显示重复的元描述。因此,请确保您的重要网页具有唯一和优化的说明。

Too long meta description / 元描述太长

Although meta descriptions don't have direct effect on rankings, they are still important while they form the snippet people see in search results. Therefore, descriptions should "sell" the webpage to the searchers and encourage them to click through. If the meta description is too long, it'll get cut by the search engine and may look unappealing to users.